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Ever After High Annual 2015 book Preview!

The character profiles are similar to the doll profiles, so Kitty Cheshire’s profile might be something everyone is interested in seeing since we haven’t seen her doll profile yet.

This preview also confirms that Daring and Hopper are roommates!

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Neighthan’s dad is a Native American zombie, so he’s half Native American zombie and unicorn.



also, he’s gay. and not into Frankie cause she’s a vagina haver and he’s gay. he’s gay.

with his clumsiness and his…

The lengths to which some will reach for is truly astounding. No Frankie does not represent all people with a vagina and Neighthan does not represent all gay men, thats what you decided to apply to this post. If you’re offended, you’re choosing to be offended. I’d sooner eat my own face than apologize for a simple statement you and others have chosen to misconstrue. This was a simple head canon where I basically said “yo I think Neighthan is gay and likes dick and I want him to have a big, tough boyfriend.” Apparently I have to write things much more simply for others to understand without immediately jumping to the “Wow that’s offensive” defense.

"I’d sooner eat my own face than apologize for a simple statement" alright, that’s fine. You don’t have to apologize, and we don’t have to stop recognizing that you’re not only transphobic, but also an immature child.

Quite frankly I’m not sure why you’re still going on about the characters. This isn’t about your headcanon that Neighthan is gay. It is very far from it, the issue here is with the transphobic way you presented your thoughts. No one here is “reaching” and what you said isn’t really something that can be misconstrued. You wrote something that illustrated a blatant disregard for an entire group of people and when your problematic behavior was pointed out your only response was to act like a spoiled child and insist you did nothing wrong. Well, you did. Accept it and recognize that an apology is warranted for your shitty behavior.

If Frankie is sewn together so she could probably sew on a penis.  Though I guess that wouldn’t make her male.  Are monsters even restricted to nnormie genders?

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